Hollywood Hills

French Modern | “It was a total Eat, Pray, Love moment,” says the Broadway star turned decorator. “There’s a lot of good energy here.” But good vibes do not make a stylish home make. The condo had been untouched since 1963, and the interiors were “straight out of Bewitched,” Hunter recalls, not to mention starved for modern amenities. So the Chicago native worked with contractor Robbin Stites, removing every interior wall in the 1,000-square-foot space to create a blank canvas. “Tomorrowland sort of plays into this, believe it or not,” says Hunter referring to the futuristic Disney theme park.  – Sean Santiago, Architectural Digest

Adam Hunter designed kitchen with breakfast room at the end.
Adam Hunter designed home with large tv.
Adam Hunter designed bathroom with walk in closet.
Adam Hunter designed entry space with console and photo.
Adam Hunter designed bedroom with black leather bed.
Adam Hunter designed bedroom with bathroom.