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Adam Hunter on the Daily Habit

Comedian Adam Hunter on The Daily Habit on Fuel TV

Comics Unleashed 2

Adam Hunter on Comics Unleashed

"True Life–I Am a Comic" from 1999

In the year 1999 I started doing stand up comedy and was featured on MTV’s “True Life–I am a Comic.” 10 years later I was a Finalist on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” The Future is only gonna get better. Hope that you enjoy.

Adam Hunter on Last Comic Standing

Here is a Video of Me on Last Comic Standing. Hope that you enjoy. Best, Adam

Chelsea Lately

Adam Hunter’s appearance on Chelsea Lately.

Showtime Appearance

Adam Hunter performs stand-up comedy on Showtime’s White Boyz in the Hood

Comics Unleashed

Adam Hunter on Comics Unleashed

Adam Hunter Demo Reel

Adam Hunter on Kil­born, VH1, CMT, and more

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