Review of Adam Hunter at Sacred Heart University

Students came to hear the humor of comedian Adam Hunter on April 17, in the Outpost. The crowd was small yet personal. Hunter, who is from Los Angeles, really interacted with the audience during his show. Many people were walking in and out of the Outpost and Hunter made it a point to joke with each person coming in and out. “He was really good at making people comfortable even though he was poking fun at them,” Maggie Horam, freshman, Sheron, Mass. Since the room was filled with a crowd of about 35 people, Hunter made members of the audience feel like a part of the show.

“I thought he was funny and he had good interaction with the audience,” said Raydhiri Hidalgo, sophomore, Bronx, N.Y. “It would’ve been better if there was a bigger crowd because he kept going back to the same jokes when they were directed at certain people.”

Hunter used a lot of comedy that college students could relate to such as jokes about Myspace, relationships, celebrities, and family.

“I thought he was good. I was laughing the whole time and I even got tired because I was laughing so hard,” said Andrew Sabia, senior, East Northport, N.Y. Even when there were times that a joke only got a few laughs, Hunter was able to change the subject to something that the students found to be more humorous. “I couldn’t think of a better way then relax at the end of a rough day with the comedy he produced tonight,” said Pete Donahue, junior, Melville, N.Y.

Hunter wrapped up the night by asking the audience if they had any questions for him. He also summed up the events of the night joking that even though the audience only had nine people, 77 people had walked in and out but the crowd was able to still have some good laughs.

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