Review of Adam Hunter at Donnie B's Funnybone

What a great Saturday night. I went to Donnie B’s Funnybone and checked out comedian Adam Hunters show. Adam was on the show Friday and was literally one of the funniest guests we have ever had. While hanging with him before the show he was still talking about Herpapatamous SaraJane who was unlike any one he has ever met during a radio interview. Adam told Mychelle and I before the show that we are the best morning show he has ever guested on so let me return the compliment by saying that he was FANTASTIC last night. Seamless transitions between the scripted and impromptu material plus his stage presence make this guy one of the biggest Stars in stand up today. He also has a face and personality that lets you know he will one day be bigger than just stand up comedy. Adam is also a thirty year old guy that of course can relate to the young but he has the ability to relate to 50+ year olds too with the same panache as a smart ass trouble making kid that you know has a potty mouth but you love him anyway. It’s that same charm that a kid who easily calls his parents after being arrested and they bail him out with out any lectures.

Adam Hunter works a room brilliantly with pacing that usually saved for people who have been working the stage for much longer than he has and with people that usually go on to greater fame. Which is what he will do. My prediction is that this is somebody we will hear from for years and years on TV, Movies or HBO Specials.

Next time Adam Hunter is in town you should run out and get tickets because I dont know how long he will be visiting places like Springfield. 5 out of 5 Rating.

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